Reflection of an Insomniac

For seven days in a row, I’ve been experiencing sleepless nights. I could stay awake until 4 to 6 in the morning and would stay asleep from 6 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon.

Yes, I’m being an insomniac.

My days had turned into nights and nights turned to days.

There are days when I am forced to wake up because of appointments, I walk around the city feeling like I’m floating in the air. I feel like I’m a zombie walking on daylight. My head is very dizzy like I couldn’t think well; my eyes are heavy; and my body is very weak.

Once, I almost got sideswept while walking on the street.

During the night, at 8 pm, I could feel the weight of my body wanted to sleep and rest. My eyes are heavy as well, very sleepy but I just cannot sleep. I toss and turn at nights, listen to classical music, exercise, drink a glass of milk, pray … but it was no use.

On Saturday, I tried to figure out the cause of my insomnia. I discovered two reasons 

One, my sleeping lifestyle was disrupted when I watched a K-drama and I stayed awake until 6 am.

And two, I’m hmmm, emotionally, mentally and spiritually unstable.

I have been bothered by an issue in my life for four months and I never tried to settle it. At nights when I stay awake, I kept on thinking about it but never did anything about it.

I kept on talking to God about it but I failed to listen to what He has to say.

Sometimes, this whole thing, I thought of it that maybe I was experiencing a quarter-life crisis; however, the signs I googled never led me to believe that I’m experiencing such crisis.

And today marks the 7th day that I stayed awake until 4 am.

I hope everything gets well this week.