Ganaps at Life Conference

Hello guys!

Last week, I went to Tagum, Davao to join the Life Conference 2017 Mindanao hosted by New Life Tagum. The theme was “The Story” which talked about how Jesus came to change our story 😉.

His story is our story.

Since this blog is about Ganaps at Life Conference that features stories, I might as well tell you the story of how I almost didn’t make it to the event.

Yes! I almost didn’t make it to LifeCon because the set date was in conflict with my class (masters … PS: I’m not enrolled yet), and I don’t have the budget (because I stopped working for a while so I didn’t have any source of income 😣).

But of course, if there’s a will, there’s always a way. I sacrificed my class for this summer (It’s fine 😉 I can still take it next summer tho) and God provided all the expenses needed (Salamat sa akong mama nga nagpaka-instrumento hahaha).

With the decision I made, totally NO REGRETS!

Alriiiight! So let’s go to the Ganaps na 😉.

So paano nga ba? Hahaha!

Oh well, anyway …

So at 4 AM, I woke up and did my personal preparations (is this even necessary in this blog? 😞 lol). 

I went to church with Troy and Nathan around 6 AM (call time). 

I needed to be early because I was the beadle (murag inana) but I wasn’t the first person to arrive although my house is very close to our church 😆.

When everyone was finally there, Pastor Al Tabernero prayed for safe travel and we departed the place around 7 AM.

Team Lente (documenters) & Team Mugna (editors) were in the same van because we need to be together to discuss further details of our task at the conference.

Am-am, Dessa & Krisna were also with us.

I had so much fun with these people all throughout the travel. They’re all crazy! They eat a lot, talk a lot, blog a lot, take pictures a lot, take videos a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot mahay (harhar 😛 boret kaayo).

We arrived at Tagum around uhm, I think 5 PM? I’m not really sure.

A group of people dancing greeted us when we got out from the bus. 


Haai kapoy man diay mag story-telling ba? Hahaha! Day 1 pako! 😤😤😤😤

Ok whatever! Here’s my Top 10 Favorite Ganaps during and after the event! Hashtag The Story 😉

1. Evening Rallies

Of course! I’m sure everyone loved evening rallies especially during the Praise & Worship time.

Everyone sang, screamed, jumped, danced, worshipped, prayed, cried, raised their hands … it was amazing! It felt like attending a concert, only that God’s presence was there 😉.

2. Altar Calls

It’s a beautiful sight to see hundreds of youth giving up their lives to Jesus, rekindling the fire in their hearts, and experiencing His amazing love.

I feel so blessed every time I see this.

3. Streams

I learned a lot of things from the streams I chose. I was rebuked, reminded and rekindled. 

I get to meet and hear from new speakers as well, people I haven’t met from the past conferences. 

It was awesome!

4. Media Works

Aside from being a delegate, I was tasked to oversee the documenters. I actually didn’t do anything much except for bossing around HAHAHA! 

I want to take this space to appreciate the effort exerted of Team Lente & Team Mugna, for running around to take pictures and videos, stalking the delegate of the day, having two roles at one time (documenter slash delegate), staying up late to edit videos, and waking up early to shoot and not miss an event. 

Grabe bai! Gikapoy namo, gikasab-an pa gyud but I didn’t hear you complain.

All the words I hear from these guys is “Chuy kayo bai!”, “Lingaw!”, “Ganahan kaayo ko ani na video oh!” … and you always laugh a lot. 😉

5. Staying Up Late with these crazy kids

Sigeg kaon, walay libang-libang (excuse me hahaha 😂) Tabi diri! Tabi didto!

It’s nice to hear what’s in their hearts and get to know them more.

6. Thanksgiving Night

This isn’t really the picture of the Thanksgiving Night. I wasn’t able to take a picture because I had too much fun (char 😂). 

On the last evening of the conference, we all had the chance to mingle & fellowship with youth from other churches. 

I’m not really the type of person who talks first but I was glad that during that night, I made some friends hehe. Achievement Unlocked! Rewts!

I enjoyed the night especially during the time when Kyle had his first stand-up comedy presentation (whatever you call it).

I stayed awake until 3:45 in the morning along with Aijeleth, Popoy, EG and Troy, and some youth from New Life Catbalogan.

I had fun learning some words from other language too 😉. Waray to be specific! I learned words like maserum, mahupay, sangkay and sumati. There were some other words but I forgot na haha 😂!

7. Group Picture on the Road

Haaai naku!

So much stories to tell in this picture. We only had seconds to stay on the road and disperse immediately because of the cars and trucks passing by. 

Just imagine how our face look like every time we shout “NAAY TRUCCCK!” and then run for our lives and go back to our position to take that obligatory group picture.

Thanks Kuya Chard for taking the picture.

8. Overview Nature Park

The clouds look so close yet so far.

Buma-blaggir si ante oh! 😂

9. Moments Inside The Van

Soundtrip! Jokes! Foods! Groupies!

10. And … I don’t know what else! Hahaha! Maybe it’s the fact that I am still having a hangover for the conference!

Looking forward for LifeCon2018 😁!

Hopefully, nothing comes in the way! Nyenye!