Babysitting My Cousins

Today, I went out with five of my cousins: (from left to right) Choy, 9 years old, Nica, 10 years old, Princess, 5 years old, Ram, 9 years old and Jazzy, 8 years old.

When Mom heard that they were staying at CDO for a vacation, she immediately sent some money to treat them out in the mall. 

Mom and I both agree that they will totally enjoy it because going to the mall is something they rarely do in their lives since they live in the rurals. 

As for today, I was the only chaperone and I was in charge of the activities they will be having for the day. I planned their itinerary: eat at McDonalds, play at Adventureland, hit the World of Fun, watch Boss Baby, eat ice cream and pizza, and be random if anything goes in mind.

However, we could not go as far as going to Divisoria for some ice cream at Freezie because it might be too risky — kidnapping, crossing the streets … can’t handle this! I’m all alone 😢😢😢!

Before we left the house, I made sure that they got my rules: stay together, don’t misbehave and don’t go where I can’t see you or else, WE ALL GO HOME! 😏

First thing we did was eat at McDonalds. It’s their favorite place. They surely enjoyed the fried chicken, fries and sundae. And their most favorite is the playhouse.

Every five minutes they return to our table to drink some water and also to share their experience at the playhouse. Ram told me that a kid asked his name but the kid was speaking in English so he ran away instead of answering. He understood the English language but too shy to respond in the same language.

But for the second time around when they had their break, he and Choy shared that they made some friends even if they speak in a different language. Nice! 😉

The most amusing for me was when they walk around barefoot. They got tired of taking off their shoes and wearing it again every time they leave the playhouse.

By 6 PM, we left McDonalds and strolled around the mall. We bought some candies. It was actually a bottle of colored beans. 


The next stop was supposed to be at the Adventureland but it was already closed when we got there. 

We went to the cinema to watch the Boss Baby but they’re not interested. They wanted to play.

So we proceeded to the World of Fun.

They each had 20 tokens which they spent on …

… race cars and motors, 

… basketball (their favorite)

… and what caught their attention the most was uhm, I don’t remember the name of the game, but it’s about getting a lot of tickets.

At the end of the day, Choy got the highest number of tickets among the five. He got 148, followed by Nica wih 142, then Ram with 63, Jazzy with 61 and Princess with 32.

We couldn’t claim anything because the mall was closing. 

When we got home, we ordered some pizza. That’s the grand finale 😉!

And lastly, before lights off, we all watched The Amazing Spiderman!

Peaceful time started at 11 PM.

Sigh! 😧😧😧😧

Surely, babysitting them wasn’t easy. I used to wish having five kids if I’m married. But now, nah, I changed my mind. Two will be fine 😂😂😂😂!

And that’s all for today! 😉


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