The Love For Writing

Have you ever had that point in your life when you just stopped writing, when you stopped expressing yourself with a paper and ink, because you thought it’s pointless, or you thought that it’s not gonna take you anywhere, or you thought that perhaps, you have to spend your time more on something that will make you more productive, then at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the night writing your heart out why you ever stopped doing what you love?

Sometimes I feel frustrated at times when I feel the need to write something on my blog (just to make it look active and alive) but couldn’t think of anything sensible to write (or couldn’t bring my heart in my piece). But it’s more frustrating when you try to forget about writing and your love for it but you know just can’t.

The love for writing will always be in us no matter what our excuses are why we pause writing for a while. It’s our deal. It’s our way of anger or frustration management. This our way to express the things we can’t shout out. This is our avenue to empty our heads (and we don’t care who reads or not).

Even when you had turn your back at the one thing you love, you’ll always go back to where your heart is — writing.


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