When Dating Does Not Work

*This one is an assignment in my ‘English Grammar and Structure’ subject. I just thought of posting it here. 😀



I have been dating for many years now. I have dated all sorts of men but none of them could actually sweep me off my feet. Those guys that I had gone out with are either too short or too tall for me; sometimes they are boring or annoying, weird or creepy, too smart or too dumb – they simply do not complement me. None of them suits my taste perfectly and I just could not imagine myself end up with any of them. Am I too meticulous, or what?

By the way, I am already thirty years old and I have been single for five years. My goal is to get married before I turn thirty but I guess I have to forget about it. Darn it! But with all these dating fiasco, I am losing hopes of finding my right one. Can you tell me something that would inspire me?



I understand the vexation that you might be going through now with all the dating botches you had and the pressure of not getting any younger. In your letter, you wondered if you were too meticulous. Well, we all have our standards in love. It is just right for a woman to set a checklist for our “right one”, and just because none of those men you dated met your standard does not mean you have to lower them down.

However, here is my take in dating. I am not a fan of it. Or shall we say I dissuade dating. When we date, our focus stays on how the person dress, walk, talk or think and how we vibe with our date. On the other hand, it is inevitable to put on a façade to impress our date which might compromise our genuine self. We place expectations, and when these expectations fail, it seems easy for us to walk away and look for another date.

In dating, we tend to miss one important foundation of love – genuine friendship. Yes, friendship! Why not go out and build a good friendship with people. Who knows? It could lead you to something better.

Love is everywhere but true love is rare. Not all have it and only few find it. Perhaps, you were searching for love at the wrong place in the wrong way with the wrong people. However, I suggest that you stop looking for love and let love find you. It will come to you at the right season, at the time when you least expect it. Just wait and stay patient. Remember, love is patient and true love really waits.



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