The Woman She Ought To Be

2016-11-13 05.44.58 1.jpg

Twenty-Four Revelation

She hates her things being touched without permission and feels disrespected when her privacy is trespassed. She gets so easily frustrated with stuff and her emotions juggle ’til it becomes an explosion. She’s very impulsive and tactless. She says things that hurt so much and doesn’t feel regretful, not at all, although she doesn’t mean those words. Sometimes she can very masochistic and sadistic that pain and hurting others satisfy her. She ain’t so smart, ya know, but she can be very arrogant of something she doesn’t have. She’s too superior. She is so manipulative that she gets mad when things don’t go her way. Sometimes she’s indecisive, demanding and careless.

She’s one hard person to handle, very unloving and so unlovable.

However, behind these ugly features is an inferior woman who thinks that whatever she does is never enough. When she looks in the  mirror, all she see is failure. She has so many insecurities, confusions and fears.

But all she ever hope for is to be loved without condition.

Yet the person that she think she is and the person that people see is far from what God designed her to be … far from what God sees.

For God, she is a woman of virtue: patient, loving, gentle and kind. Her heart is as tender as His, filled with loving kindness and patience to those who have wronged her. Her tongue is tamed that only life shall come out of her mouth. To Him she is a woman filled with power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

For God, she is an obedient child who yields her heart unto Him. He finds her faithful in serving and worshiping Him. He could not find a single fear in her as she ministers the lost and the broken.

God takes delight in her as she continues to pursue the heart of her Maker.

She is no perfect being. But God is not finished with her yet. The truth is she is being perfected from glory to glory until she becomes the woman she ought to be.



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