Living The Moment In Mati

“I’ve had the time of my life. No, I never felt this way before. I swear it’s the truth and I owe it all to you.” 🎵

I’m still 23 and I have sworn to myself that I’m going to enjoy every minute of my life so that when I get old and look back, I’ll never regret anything about the time of my youth.

On October 25, 2016, I travelled out of town for the first time. Well, I had some of my scary thoughts like what if I puke along the way and hassle other passengers in the vehicle or what if I won’t survive the journey or what if I ran out of pocket money or what if I get lost (but that won’t happen though because I always stick with the group).

But thank God, I didn’t feel sick, even a slight headache.

So I arrived at Davao Mati on Tuesday night (same day we travelled). I had my adventures but I don’t have much pictures because I obviously enjoyed every moment of it.

The very main reason why I was there in the first place was to witness the long-awaited wedding of our youth pastor. We were accommodated well (and the hotel price is shockingly cheap) and there were a lot of food (free).

The wedding was a bit, mmm, tiring because we suddenly became instant ushers of the couple’s guests (governors, mayors, church leaders — big guys!). Nevertheless, we just thought of it as a service of love for our youth pastor.

We had our trips around the city too. Right behind us is the sleeping dinosaur. You can’t just see it clearly from this angle though. You need to be on top or might use a drone;).

We visited the beach too. Their cottages are placed in the middle of the sea so when you get tired from swimming, you can just climb up to the stairs ang rest. Cool, huh?

There’s also a boat and a floating cottage where you can just sit around and talk if you had enough swimming. We had some kayak too (got no picture).

But my favorite moment above all is the road trip. Enjoying the sceneries of mountains, hills and plateaus, waterfalls and rivers, transformation of clouds, and the moving trees and beautiful flowers while listening to the songs of Eraserheads, 6 Cyclemind, Silent Sanctuary and other OPM bands and artists.

I had my quiet moment at the back of the car as I whispered to the Lord. I said “I don’t always enjoy your creation so I’ll take this moment and feel good about it. No regrets. Not at all.”


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