Dear You


Remember last time I told you I won’t give us a chance (as if you have plans)?Well, I was still praying for that thing though. I was honest that you weren’t the guy that I was looking for. And most perhaps, I am either the woman you’re searching for. However, I feel so attracted to you right now and it’s the darnest thing ever. 

Last night, I was at the hallway, and while calling someone important on the phone, I bumped into you and you tried to make a conversation. Man, how I wish I could drop that phone call just to make that chitchat a bit longer. 

While we were at the party, I had my hopes for your attention but I guess I’m just as invisible as other women are. I wished I pinned that corsage on your chest or took a picture with you on a photo booth or you know, just sit beside you and chitchat. 

What happened to me?

Well, here’s what happened. Once upon a time you just suddenly called to get something. Well of course your motive wasn’t to communicate for a me-and-you conversation but for work. Then you were so nice and that’s just felt good. But you did not do it just once but there were consistent days that you were actually nice again. You were that gentle guy I once met. 

I had no idea when will your kindness last or what would happen on the next day.

But you know what I think? This is nice. It’s nice that we’re treating each other like this. Not close friends, not enemies but strangers trying to know each other to be friends. Well, that’s how I see it. I hope you see the same way that I do.


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