You’re Always Beautiful

He fixed his gaze upon her as he studied carefully her messy hair tied in a bun, her slender neck sleeked with sweat and her ordinary face painted with nothing but dark circles in the eyes; to him it was a perfect view.

She noticed him staring. She responded it with a sweet smile hoping he would drop the glare but when he didn’t she pulled a wacky face, the ugliest that she could do. It made him snigger but still he was looking at her.

“Tell me I’m pretty.” she said as she made her face uglier.

He raised his eyebrow and hissed.

“Pleaaase!” she pleaded in a cute way.

How could he resist her!

He shifted his seat to face her and she met those eyes. There was so much to find in those deep eyes – gentleness, solemnity, truth … love. Then he whispered slowly but clearly. “You are the woman I have fallen in love with. And you will always be beautiful no matter what you do with your face.”

She paused. Her face was blank. She became serious.

“Were you saying that just because I told you so?”

“No! I mean every word I say.”

She never felt so loved, never before in her life.




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