A Message From My Mess and A Testimony From My Test

A reminder that I am a barrier breaker! 😀

Post taken from my Tumblr account.


Open Letter To Myself

December 30, 2015; 11:35 PM

Dear Eleonah Jane,

24 hours and 25 minutes from now, it will be another year for you. There is always something to look forward every time another year is about to be unfold. Are you ready? Is your heart ready?

This year wasn’t your best year. Not at all. This has been the toughest year you had yet. This year was a topsy-turvy ride. You got confused but you didn’t seek for answers. You struggled; you tried to fight but when you felt losing you compromised and quit fighting. You were like a dead fish flowing with the current. You got your heart broken, felt empty and sad inside. You cried a bucket of tears and got tired. You got so weak, lost, condemned … you forgot who you are.

You were so messed up.

You didn’t notice you were living in the dark for a year. And what? You missed a lot. You missed praying for people when they were so sick, helpless and in pain. You missed encouraging those who are dying inside. You missed telling people that Jesus loves them. You missed the opportunity to be used by God. You missed the moments to be in His presence. You missed the times when He wanted to talk to you. You wasted your time.

You knew it. You were aware of it. Yet you chose to run away from God. Remember the night when you blurted out that you wished you could fast forward time? You knew it’s impossible.

God is changing you from glory to glory. He is preparing you for something good. These things you are going through – they are up to something good.

Now, make a firm decision. Step on a higher level. That makes things tougher. Do more. Have more. Love even more. Appreciate people more. Pray even more.

Take your shackles. Be free. Stop being afraid


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