Never Lean On Your Own Understanding

I look up to people who are very highly intellectual. They seem to know almost everything. I am not puny-minded but not that super logical as well.

I get so amazed at people who are able to understand and speak the logic of God with conviction just by spending time studying and meditating on His Word. They’re very influential and very convincing.

Not belittling myself, however, there are some reasons why I thank God that I am not as super intelligent as others are.

If being “too intellectual” means being too confident with our own understanding, to the point that we question a pastor’s message, a leader’s conviction, someone’s revelation or perhaps God’s warning for us, then I rather be shallow-minded who trusts God.

My dear, never lean on your own understanding. If you start to doubt and neglect someone’s message just because your ego was offended, perhaps, you have to re-evaluate your attitude; re-evaluate your response. Not accepting a message because you think it’s a bit faulty and not biblical, well, that’s another thing. But if the spirit of familiarity is all over you, perhaps you need to ask God if you have the right heart.

An offended heart is the ground of deception. You can actually tell that there is an issue in our heart when we start to grumble “What’s up with the Pastor’s message? It’s very offensive. I don’t think He got it right.” or if we say “How could she say this and that? Does she even know what I am going through?”

Dear, dear, be careful who you’re grumbling at. When you neglect an anointed leader’s message, you’re not neglecting the person but you’re neglecting God.

You see, we’re not perfect beings. We’re human. We get angry.

When my leader corrects me or tells me about something I am not aware of, I get angry because rebukes are a bit painful. But I am very careful of how I respond to my emotions. I refuse to be emotionally-led. My leader could either be right or wrong but regardless, I make sure that I still think of things and speak of things that will still honor that person.

Every time I see a situation or when I am in the situation of having conflict with my leader or co-leaders, I always remember Miriam, the sister of Moses. When she backbit Moses to her brother Aaron saying things that dishonor him, the issue of pride was manifesting which displeased God to the point that a curse fell on her. It was not Miriam’s pride and prejudice that angered God but the fact that she did not honor God’s chosen servant.

Yes, it’s always about honor.

God calls us to honor each other.

God tells us to honor those who go before us and those who are following us.

And most importantly, God wants us to honor the ones He chose to lead us whether they are right or wrong.




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