The Things I Wish I Am


You know, there were times when I wished I am not who I am.

I wish I had pretty long legs, a pointed nose, a flawless and fair skin and a curly hair.

I wish I could sing at the right tune or execute accurate dance steps.

I wish I was discreet and mysterious.

I wish I walked with grace or dressed so femininely or talked very gently.

I wish I loved cleaning, cooking and arranging things.

I wish I knew how to socialize with people irregardless if they are elite or just commoners.

I wish I could hug and kiss people when I miss them without feeling awkward and prejudice.

I wish I knew how to sort out my feelings and thoughts.

I wish I was sweet and loving and thoughtful.

I wish I was calm and non-violent.

I could wish for so many things that I am not.


But you know, oftentimes I am glad that I am not someone I wished I am, that I am not like anybody else, that I am who I am. I have every good reasons why I should love myself and stop wishing who I am not.

How I look at myself, God has a different perspective and it is no secret. And how He looks at me is all I ever want to believe and all I want to become.

There’s a beautiful reason why I am glad that I am who I am.


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