Today I Realize

via Daily Prompt: Realize

Today I realize that love is just around the corner. It’s everywhere.

Love is such a mysterious thing. It’s so hard to find when you try look for it and then, it suddenly knocks on your door when you least expect it.

Love is a complex mathematical equation. It can’t be solved with a single solution, and it can’t be left unsolved. There’s always an answer to it.

Love is a funny thing.Sometimes awkward. Yah know, when you end up with someone you hate, someone you’re frustrated at. Pretty weird, huh? But that’s just it; at the end of the day, we will always choose to love.


Love waits for an apology but has already forgiven even if you haven’t said the words yet. It always has room for second, third, fourth, countless chances. It never runs out of reasons to hang on.

Love doesn’t have to be costly. Bread and coffee on a fine rainy evening is perfect enough.

Love is a pat on the back, a warm embrace, a shoulder to lean on, a gentle hand that wipes a tear or perhaps a soft kiss on the forehead. It doesn’t have to go so far when it’s not yet the time.

Love is a smile when you bid farewell. Love is a kiss goodnight. Love is an outreached hand. Love is bread and coffee in the morning. Love is food; more special when free. Love is a stolen glance while walking across the room. Love is a touch of hand. Love is sharing an umbrella on a rainy day. Love is lending a jacket on a cold, stormy night. Love is delaying the flight just to spend a few more hours with you. Love is staying quiet when you’re mad.

Well, love is just being around. You don’t have to say a word. It’s fine.

Love is right here waiting for you to come and end the waiting.

Today I realize that love is just around the corner. It’s everywhere.









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