Never Step Backward

No retreat! No surrender!

That’s how I summarize my life right now. 

I believe that God has it all perfectly planned out why I am now at my workplace, why things happen at home or why am I positioned in the ministry, or why I’m out in the field; these things are prerequisites of the greater plans He has for me.

There is nothing going wrong with everything but nothing is going smooth either. Of course, at first, things seemed to look just fine like a ship who just sailed for a voyage but when you arrived at the deepest part of the ocean where the waves roar and the wind howls, things get rocky. 

A couple of times I muttered under my breath that I am giving up; that I can no longer handle the frustrations at work; that I am losing hope for my family; that I can’t take the pressure of leadership; and that I am running out patience for some people in the ministry.

I always tell Him that I am at the end of my rope.

But every time I cry out to the Lord, I always find strength to get back on my feet and find myself keep moving forward.

Amazing grace! 

Yes, it is because of His grace why I never took a single step backward. 

I commit myself to Jesus and have pledged to keep chasing after His heart. But God knows my limitations. He is the One behind my strength and perseverance. 

When I fall down, He lifts me up.

When I get discouraged, He reminds me of His love.

When I get confused, He reveals the truth.

When I get lost, He shows me the path.

And when I am weak, He abounds His grace in me.

Indeed, without Him, I can do nothing.


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