I Wonder

You know, I just wonder if some blogs were made to be “private” where you actually post everything about your other side that is not meant to be publicized. It’s like having a diary posted online and you actually think that it’s a bit safe from criticisms. I mean, not all of our friends have blog sites and perhaps only few are actually readers of people’s blogs. Basically, only few people will follow you and get to read whatever you write and the fact is, your followers are strangers to you. They might post a comment reacting to your blog but it doesn’t affect much.

And here’s a thing, if you were one of those people like me who consider blog as an “e-diary” thinking that no one close to you or maybe only few of them could find out about this, did you ever wished that they could see this and read your posts so they would know what you actually think?

Hahaha. Actually, I do.

I even put the link on my bio in my FB, Twitter and Insta account. It takes one interested person to click that link. I guess. Hahaha!


One thought on “I Wonder

  1. Kirstie September 29, 2016 / 3:25 pm

    Reason why i deleted the photo on instagram regarding my blog site 😁


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