Sorry, I’m Busy

It happened five years ago. My cousin had a motor accident and he was badly injured. I never had the chance to visit him in the hospital because of so many things to do at school. 

Every day I heard news about him from his mother saying that he was stable and was recovering.

While I was on my home, a strong voice told me to go and visit my cousin at the hospital. Then I said to myself, “What for Lord?”

Then He said, “Pray!”

I was a hardheaded kid back then. I always reasoned out. I said, “Maybe tomorrow. I have things to do.”

The next day, the voice was stronger. He said, “Go and pray!”

Then, my aunt came to tell us that he was getting better, that he was able to walk already and that he might go out of the hospital soon. Hearing the good news, I thought that there was no need for me to go.

Then the next day, he died.

I was surprised. I thought he was well. It turned out that his lungs were infected and it was left unnoticed.

I was in deep regret that I was disobedient to God. I could had have prayed for him and who knows, a miracle could have taken place. 

Ever since that day I sworn to myself that I’ll never say no to another opportunity to pray for someone.


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