What A Twist!

The memory was a bit vague. Everything was fast-pacing and I couldn’t have a clear picture of what’s going on. On that day, I wore a skimpy dress and I looked terribly gorgeous (for the first time). Lia, my best friend, took me with her to a hotel saying we’re going to attend a party. I asked her what’s the occassion but she just shrugged her shoulders and didn’t say a word.

I felt antsy about the whole situation. When we arrived at Luxe Hotel, many of my friends greeted me with a smile and excitement in their faces. One of them said “Elsa! Finally! Congratulations!”

I became more confused. I had no idea what they are talking about. I tried to ask them “What’s going on?” But nobody answered me, instead they just dragged me out of the ground floor and led me somewhere else.

Everybody was chattering in excitement and I couldn’t catch their words. The beat of my heart was louder.

I felt uneasy, the feeling you get when someone is going to make a surprise proposal. Yes, the idea came into my mind. It seemed like someone is going to propose to me tonight.

But the question is … who?

I am not in a relationship and I am not dating anybody.

When we were on our way to the ballroom, Tristan, the one I was head-over-heels with, met me at the corridor. It was the first time I saw him wore a leather jacket which made him look cool and good-looking.

I stared at him for a few second and wondered if he’s going to say something about the proposal. Then I wished he wouldn’t. I was in love with him but that was all in the past.

Tristan smiled at me and as he held my hands, he said “I’m so happy for you.”

Then he escorted me. While walking to the ballroom, Robbie, someone special, popped into my mind thinking that maybe everything was his idea. The thought gave me butterflies in the stomach.

When I entered the room, Robbie’s best friend was making a speech about love at the right season. Suddenly I felt the excitement that everybody was feeling and I couldn’t suppress the joy.

I searched for his face, Robbie’s face, as everybody clapped their hands. I was busy searching that I didn’t notice the man who knelt in front of me asking for my hand in marriage.

Who is this guy?
He looks familiar though. I wondered where I met him.

He was talking but I wasn’t listening, still searching for Robbie. Then I found him standing at the back of the crowd smiling and applauding.

No! You can’t! I don’t want to end up whoever this guy is. I just want to be with you. My heart screamed.

“Heeey!” The man in front of me said trying to get my attention. And I realized that he was Rupert Grint, Harry Potter’s best friend. “I said, will you marry me?”

I said no.

But Rupert insisted that I should. He even forced me to wear the ring.

Everybody was happy about it.

Can’t you see people that I don’t love this guy and I’m feeling terrible right now?

Oh I wished I would die than get married to someone I don’t love.

This is terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

I was screaming and screaming and screaming so everybody would get the idea that I am not pleased.

Then I woke up.


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