The Excitement Never Ends

Look into my heart and you will find that one desire: win souls! 

Since I heard that our church will be opening a campus outreach in a public high school, I kept praying for the opportunity to be able to join the team of volunteers who would invade campuses to preach the Word.

Unfortunate for me because I had work. But the desire to reach out teenagers and win their hearts by telling them about the love of the Father never ceased yet it grew even more especially when I see fruit, transformed lives.

I prayed for it. It was a kind of pursuit that I desperately want to take. I want to do my part in this great harvest. I wasn’t emotionally driven. I believed it was God who put the desire and passion in my heart.

By May, I decided to quit my recent work. It was a great deal for me because that meant full control of time and priorities. 

And the most-awaited moment finally came. 

Everyday I get excited for these teenagers who are hungry and thirsty for the Lord. And I am even more excited for that day to come when each of them would have a genuine encounter with Jesus and receive a personal revelation of who they are.


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