When God Says Go

How many times have you encountered moments when God challenge you to walk on water? And how many times have you turned Him down? How many times have you said “No” to Him?

Yes, oftentimes, we hesitate to answer when He calls us to walk on water because we become too overwhelmed with the waves. We fear of the uncomfortability of leaving the boat, the rage of the storm, the blowing wind and the unknown depth of the sea. We oftentimes meditate our limited capabilities, our weaknesses, our tendencies to fail and the consequences we face when we fall short instead of focusing on His abounding grace that is made complete in us.

We all have reasons to say “No” when God says “Go”.

But when God says “Go” and you give Him a big “No”, He does not force for you to say “Yes”. Instead He will open your eyes. He will let you see things through His perspective. And suddenly you find yourself voluntarily opening up your heart to desire the things that He desire for you.

Then we shall arrive at the moment when changes, uncomfortability and the difficulty don’t matter anymore. We shove off the fears that we have – fear of failures, prejudice, stakes because all we ever think of is carrying God’s will.

Let us be reminded of this promise. God is never gonna give you something or send you somewhere that will harm or destroy you. His call means carrying out the plan that He has prepared long before you were born, the plan that you meant to fulfill.

Now, if God is telling you to take that college course, or join that specific ministry, or marry that man, or start that business or maybe fly to that country, then Go! 

Don’t delay God!

It’s time to carry out that plan.


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