The Alabaster Jar

​Sweating hard, heaving for air, her heart beat nervously as she wrapped her arms around that alabaster jar, ancient, a bit massive and heavy. 
She paused for a moment to listen. She heard voices. She listened intently and she heard His voice  confirming that He was in there among the criticizing and fault-finding Pharisees. She knew she’d be roasted if they find her. Who wouldn’t despise such woman? A town harlot? A homewrecker?

But that doesn’t matter to her for that moment. She’s already there with the only treasure she has, ready to give it to him at the very day. She’s desperate and nobody could seem to stop whatever she intends to do. It’s now or never.

She entered the house. Gatecrashing! She sought for His presence and there He found Him. Instantly she was at His feet doing what needs to be done. Tears flowed (she must be very joyful that she was this close to the Master), washed His feet with it and used her hair to dry them. And without any second thoughts, she poured the very expensive perfume to anoint Him; it was everything that she had left.

Alright, let’s consider what this woman just did.

First, she was uninvited yet she welcomed herself in. She just gatecrashed!

Second, she was surrounded with discriminating eyes but she was not withdrawn.

Third, what she had was everything she left and not the least that she could find at her home yet it was her most prized possession.

The woman was simply desperate to see Him; to pour out her love for the Master. She was passionate for Jesus when she wept at His feet. And giving all that she had, that was one great act of worship.

What did the woman receive that caused her to give her everything?

The woman received forgiveness.

In the story, Jesus said that those who show little love have received little forgiveness. Not that our sins were weighed or measured or that Jesus forgives partially but what Jesus meant is that how you understood His saving grace determines how you respond to His love.

Jesus has paid the debt that we could not pay. ALL our sins (yesterday, today and the next days) were forgiven, canceled, erased because if you didn’t know we were actually swimming in the ocean of grace.

How do we pay back? Going to church every Sunday, doing ministries or giving your tithes? No! That does not compensate what Jesus has done for you and me. Don’t be like the Pharisees, trying to earn righteousness by being religious and not practicing what they preach.

So how do we respond to God’s love? God isn’t asking much. But regardless, He deserves everything and more. He deserves more of your attention than just attending a service or two. He deserves more of your time than having a 15-minute prayer in your devotion. He deserves more of your meditation than just flipping the pages of the Bible. He deserves more than just a clap when you sing during praise and worship time. He deserves your heart more than just your offering.

What God yearns is you. He only wants you, your time, your heart, your praises and worship. He wants you to walk with Him every day not just on Sundays, think of Him every time not just when you’re troubled, talk to Him every moment not just when you need Him.

Yes. All He ever wanted was you and your love and He is never going to get it forcefully from you.

He wants you to choose Him.

“We love Him because He first loved us.”
What can you give to God today? What’s in your alabaster jar?


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