An Open Letter to my LGBT Friends and Relatives

To my uncles, cousins, childhood friends, classmates and colleagues:

Right now, I wonder how you feel and think towards the issue that has been circulating around the media. I couldn’t imagine actually. I haven’t been in touch with you for a long while. And when we do, we never discuss about you being homosexuals, how you feel about it and why you chose to be a gay or a lesbian. Why should we? I mean, just because I became a born again Christian, it doesn’t mean I have to be that self-righteous Christian who would suddenly become a stranger forcing you to change your ways and slapping you in the face that your actions are wrong.

I know you were as aware as me of what is right and wrong. We live in a country where morality is a big thing. I don’t condemn you for living, feeling and acting that way because God neither condemns you.

To my uncles, cousins, childhood friends, classmates and colleagues, this is the truth. Indeed, God is not pleased with homosexuality. In fact, He hates it. He showed His displeasure to this sin during the Old Testament when He burnt the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. But guys, it’s only the sin He hates not the sinner. He loves the homosexuals. If you would read the story, God gave them the chance to repent, to change their ways, because He loves the people. He tried to reach them out so he wouldn’t have to burn the city. But the people did not listen.

God is love but HE is also just. He cannot tolerate the sin that has gone rampant in the city.

But again, take note of this. He loves you. He really does.

If ever you feel that your existence or your whole being was a mistake, no you are not. God was never wrong about you. You might have thought, “Why do I feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body?” or “Why do I get attracted to my same sex?” or “Why do I feel the need to be with a person of the same sex?”

It all boils down to love and identity. You should know that you are perfectly created as you are, as a man and as a woman. You have a great plan and purpose. You are not a mistake.

Perhaps, in your life, people who surrounded you failed to give you the love that you deserve and found the longed affection from people with the same sex. You feel empty and incomplete inside and you think that your emotional needs are met by your partners. My friends, that emptiness cannot be filled with human love.

Try Jesus. This Jesus I’m talking about is the manifestation of our Father’s love. His love overflows in us and satisfies our needs and completes what lacks in our life. My friend, Jesus pursues you. No matter who you are, boy, girl, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, no matter how you feel or think, no matter what you do, God pursues you and He loves you with an everlasting love.

I’m not forcing you to leave your ways. But this is my cry. Try Jesus. Be in relationship with Him. Just try Jesus.



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