He And She


“What should a good relationship be about?”

It’s a common question.

Most of the couple nowadays don’t mind, in fact, because some just let things flow or some think they already know or some just does not care at all.

A good relationship is a product not a pursuit.

Yes, it’s an outcome.

A good relationship is a fruit between two right people. Unless one knows its role to play in life, a good relationship is a bit impossible.

We need to know what roles do we take part as a man or a woman if we want to have a good relationship.

What am I about to write here are just some of the few things I learned from a gathering I attended last February 17, 2015. Well, it was an eye opener, a reminder.

So here it goes.

Let’s go back to where it all began; the story of the human being; the first love story between man and woman.

God made Adam first, the man.

“Why do you think God made the man first?” our Pastor asked.

Some answered “They are made to protect girls.”; “They are more superior than women.” and etc.

Here’s the point.

God made man first not because men are more important than women.

Certainly not!

God made man first because men are the foundation of the family. They have specific responsibilities.

Building a family is like building a house. The durability of a house depends on how firm and strong its foundations are. The strength of a family is determined by how strong the foundation is, ang haligi ng tahanan.


The first thing that God gave to man is not money, not wealth and certainly not the woman. God gave His presence first.

That is why it is important to look for a man that is not just the so-called “God-fearing” man but the one who constantly communicates with God.

Man can fulfill his purpose and works best when with the presence of God.

A man should know his assignment.

Men are made to be:


Men are the ones who build dreams and visions. He’s like the driver and the woman is the passenger. The man should know where he is going otherwise, they’ll get lost along the way.


Men are born to lead. That is why it is important for men to know where he is going because where he leads, his family follows. If he leads with a chaotic mind then expect a chaotic family.


Not a profession. But a man must be with knowledge and wisdom which he can pass on to his wife and his children.


Man cultivates the family. How the wife and the children look, walk and talk is determined by what kind of environment man set in his family. Man cultivates well when the wife becomes more beautiful even when she’s already married.


Of course, God is a practical God. Man should provide the needs of his family.


And yes, a man must know how to protect the family.

Now, when God made Adam, God saw that it’s not good for man to be alone so He made Eve, the woman.

The woman was not created to be a helper but she was created to be a complement to man, a partner and a mate.

Notice that the woman was not made from soil but from a man’s rib. It indicates that really a woman is a part of man, a part of its right person.


Now, women are designed to be:


Practically, a woman must be a prudent wife who knows how to cook, clean, wash clothes, and take care of the family. It’s an important thing … very important!


Women must be dream supporters of men, not dream killers. They are made to be sensitive on the man’s calling and be a complement to them. They must support the God-given visions of the man.


Where the man leads, the woman doesn’t go the other way. The woman follows the man as she leads the children.


Whatever man gives, the woman receives … and multiplies it! 🙂


Yes, we also have needs. Each has three basic needs as a person.

Let’s go to the woman first.

1. The first need of a woman is love. Yes, love because we are taken from a man’s rib, close to the heart.

2. Next is conversation. How women love to be heard. Women always wanted a conversation because a sense of communication deepens their relationship with their partners.

3. And last, affection. Women must be wooed. Even when you are married, man must not stop pursuing his wife. The woman needs the man’s affection. It could be a warm embrace, an appreciation or even a flower will do. 🙂

Now for men.

1. First on the list is respect. Man demands to be respected.

2. Next is recreational companion. Man loves to bond with the woman. It is important for them to see the presence of the woman at the most important times of man. For example, in a basketball game, men love to see their partners cheering for them

3. And last … sex. Yes. You didn’t read it wrong. Sex must be enjoyed by married couples and yes, men need it. But you have to take note that sex is really the greatest gift for the MARRIED. Otherwise, it will be a fornication.

So there you have it. Don’t compromise your love story by being with the wrong person. No. Just don’t. 🙂


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